Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Turner D. Century Redux

Making his second appearance on Beeswax! Because in my personal Marvel Universe, this guy is an A-list villain. Needless to say, my personal Marvel Universe doesn't sell as well as the real one.

This is my last entrant in the OHOTMU Redux project. Time to get back to the stuff that pays the bills.

The Thrilling Adventure Hour!

If you aren’t listening to this podcast—HERE! My gift to you—Your favorite new thing! Seriously, you are going to fall madly, passionately, gooeystickysweetly in love with this thing.

If you are already following The Thrilling Adventure Hour, well, obviously you’d like nothing more than to have a big fat graphic novel version of it, right? And maybe you wouldn’t mind if I were drawing part of it? Maybe a part that involved airplanes?
In which case, please allow me to direct your attention to thusly.