Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Woman in Red

The Woman in RedI drew this awhile ago as an unsolicited submission to Project Rooftop. I don't know if it was rejected or forgotten, or if no one could muster any enthusiasm for an obscure and ill-defined character, but I like the drawing, and so: POST!

The Woman in Red first appeared in March 1940's Thrilling Comics #2, and is, you know, a woman who wears a red.

There were a number of Golden Age women decked out in evening wear, masks, and guns, and only their color schemes to set them apart. But the Woman in Red appears to have been the first, and red is certainly the certainly the choicest color for derring do.

I love the look of evening wear as action-suit, but went for a more practical approach. And turned the gun into some kind of PEW-PEW-based super power.

And Bean boots, why not?