Saturday, December 31, 2011

Autumn Faerie

Autumn FaerieI drew this for the Adorable Progeny, who steadfastly refuses to be impressed by anything I draw. This piece fared no better than any of the others. The wings, apparently, are all wrong.


Lighthouse Pilot said...

Lovely! I'd like to see more Priddy faeries.

TF said...

Hey there :)
First saw your artwork on the Project Rooftop site; I must say I'm a very big fan. Loving the faeries, superheroes and especially all the presocratic-and-after philosophers! (Do Epicurus and Democritus!)
All the best


Joel Priddy said...


Thanks! I kinda forgot to keep posting the philosophers. I think I did do Democritus, but, oddly enough, forgot Epicurus.