Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Liberty Belle, Issue 2 (still not really)

Joel Priddy's pretend cover for Liberty Belle issue 2Here's my second not-at-all-a-real-thing cover for Liberty Belle. Not much to add, except:

1. The G.I. Giant that Belle is riding is meant to be a reference to G.I. Robot, and I imagine there being a whole battalion of them marching right behind this one.
2. I like the idea of Ma Hunkel equipping herself differently for every adventure, building a bluer-than-blue-collar knight's arsenal as she needs it from whatever domestic and industrial scraps she can get her hands on.

Liberty Belle, Issue 1 (not really)
DC Fifty-Too

And a couple nice notices:
Project: Rooftop Approved: Joel Priddy’s “Liberty Belle #1″ for DC Fifty-Too
Comics Alliance: The Latest From 'DC Fifty-Too', the Indie Take on the DC Relaunch

Oh, and as long as I'm cutting and pasting links, Comics Alliance also ran my Peabody and Pond drawing as part of their ongoing Best Art Ever (This Week), which was awfully nice of them.

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freodhoric said...

Overall, I like this one better than the first. More of a feel of action and a little cleaner. But where's her hammer?