Saturday, August 20, 2011

Liberty Belle, Issue 1 (not really)

Joel Priddy's Liberty Belle, a fake first issue cover
As the creeping hand of totalitarianism stretches its covetous grasp across Europe, one peerless woman dares toll the resounding, clarion peal of freedom! With the oppressive forces of darkness encroaching around her, Liberty Belle lives only to fight and to let her message ring: let us live to make men free!

PLUS: Back on the home front, matchless Ma Hunkel cleans up the mean streets like an unstoppable cyclone of blue-collar justice!

Jon Morris, all-around creative dynamo, wrote with this fun project idea:
Once DC started releasing the cover images of what the New DC Universe would look like, it got me wondering what the New DC Universe would look like ... if it were out of DC's hands.

And, well, this is where I went. Benito Cereno was kind enough to carefully craft some fake solicitation text for the issue.

I enjoyed drawing this so well that I immediately drew a second issue's cover. I'll post it after it goes up on the DC Fifty-Too site.

The composition is based on the poster below. Hopefully, this reads as informed reference and not as low-down swiping.
The original is, of course, a much better piece of design, but mine has Ma Hunkel hefting a giant wrench.

DC Fifty-Too
DC's actual Fifty-Two
Some thoughts on the design choices for the new DC 52 [1, 2, 3]
Liberty Belle
Ma Hunkel
My previous take on Liberty Belle (Man, sometimes I draw noses waaaaay too long, but can't see it until it's too late)
My previous take on Bell of Splendid Awakening, who is vaguely referenced above by one of the small figures to the left of Libby
My previous take on Ma Hunkel
Jon Morris

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