Saturday, September 18, 2010

Nova Novarum

Joel Priddy's mythological take on Marvel's NovaInternet pals/real-life grade-slaves over at Superhero Cocoa have been having all kinds of fun drawing superheroes. The latest: a mythological take on Nova.

Nova was apparently a pretty controversial choice, because most people hadn't heard of him, and the rest think he's kinda lame. But I was delighted. My childhood contained one well-read copy of The Man Called Nova.

Well, maybe two. The cover of issue #21 looks pretty familiar.

I remember that I didn't care much for his supporting characters. His dad had a creepy Seventies beard. I held particular contempt for the idea that his little brother had built a robot Sherlock Holmes. The robot itself was fine, but eight-year-old me knew it was crazy to think a high school kid could build one. To do that, you'd have to be, like, twenty-four.

But Nova was cool. He flew around, he had a shiny helmet, and he could shoot things with his fists. That's pretty much all any eight-year-old could ask out of life.

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