Friday, December 04, 2009

Gift of the Magi updates

Gift of the Magi on a store shelf in Paris (Not the Texas one).Beeswax foreign correspondent Curt Franklin supplied this snapshot of Gift of the Magi in Parisian comics shop.

Last night's signing at Burke's Bookstore was great: lots of people lined up the whole time, most with stacks of three or four books to give as presents. Assuming that's the scene in every bookstore in America for every night until Christmas, I'll soon be retiring to pursue that life of debauchery I've heard so much about.

And then, this morning, I actually made it onto the local morning TV show, and that seems to have gone well enough. From my side of the camera, at least. For all I know, I had a toddler-sized handprint in blueberry jam on my forehead the whole time. No one mentioning it, because I'm an artist and they thought it was my thing.

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f is for Fer; he failed to floss said...

I am in receipt of this magnificent title, and I cannot recommend it enough as a remedy for our what-not times.

May 2010 bring you many more opportunities to share your talents with the world, Mr Priddy.