Thursday, October 08, 2009

Me, in Public

This morning I did a little drawing presentation at the Adorable Progeny's daycare. I drew of couple animals from the Parade series. Toddlers, it turns out, are a very satisfying audience. They have a lot of enthusiasm, they applaud at the end of each drawing, and if anything looks even remotely like a dinosaur, they're happy.

And what's that sitting on the floor next to me? An advance copy of Gift of the Magi? Why, I hear that makes a great Holiday gift.

Here's a new addition to the Parade, special for the occasion.

Any while I'm posting non-drawings, this is an interview I recently did for Memphis Crossroads Magazine:

Joel Priddy interviewClick to see the full image, words and all!

If you're wondering why I'm standing in the Superman pose, it's because I had just punched that hole in wall behind me. For no reason other than to show I could.

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Shobo said...

Aw, that looks like it must have been fun! (The daycare thing)

Shof actually gave me a link to the magazine a few days ago, good stuff.

When I saw the cover I told him you should have stayed in TV. "TV?" he asked? "I didn't know he was on TV!" I then proceeded to concoct an elaborate back story about how you were actually Joel Hodgson on MST3K. There was silence on the other end, and then... "Shobo, you're stupid".

This is how I entertain myself.