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Monster Month, part 3

old man monsterCreakity-Crotchety-CREEP!

Me, in Public

This morning I did a little drawing presentation at the Adorable Progeny's daycare. I drew of couple animals from the Parade series. Toddlers, it turns out, are a very satisfying audience. They have a lot of enthusiasm, they applaud at the end of each drawing, and if anything looks even remotely like a dinosaur, they're happy.

And what's that sitting on the floor next to me? An advance copy of Gift of the Magi? Why, I hear that makes a great Holiday gift.

Here's a new addition to the Parade, special for the occasion.

Any while I'm posting non-drawings, this is an interview I recently did for Memphis Crossroads Magazine:

Joel Priddy interviewClick to see the full image, words and all!

If you're wondering why I'm standing in the Superman pose, it's because I had just punched that hole in wall behind me. For no reason other than to show I could.