Saturday, July 11, 2009

I'm Back!

And I'm feeling STRONG!

Seriously, if you want to build arm strength, try carrying a growing baby everyday for 16 months. I am a beast!


Dylan Todd said...

Yay! And yeah, the minute I read that about arms strength via baby-carrying, I got sympathy pains in my biceps. My humongous biceps.

Shobo said...

Mmmm, growing baby. *Homer drool*

I haven't been carrying a growing baby, but I have been lugging around an extra 10 kilo's, does that count?

Good to see you back Joel :)

chrishaley said...

See, the problem here is that we know the arms are really just hard light holograms since they cast no shadow.

Pulpatooner said...


Our massive biceps should get together for some nice herbal tea and talk.


According to my excellent American education, I'm pretty sure that ten kilos is either the weight of a single toothpick, or else a subcompact car. So, my responses to you are "What are you complaining about?" or "Aw, geez, are you okay?," respectively.


There are no shadows because the sun is too intimidated by my mighty pythons, and just kinda scoots its light rays around them. Which is also why my arms are so much darker than the rest of me.

Dylan Todd said...

Joel, my biceps would love that. No idea when such a meeting could occur, but when it does, well, peeps should prolly watch out, cuz two dudes with gunz like these? Evil's doomed.

And hey, any chance of getting Destination: Blog back up and running? Or something similar, maybe? I'd love to take part in some capacity.

Adam said...

Nicely done, Conan. I feel you pain.

With mighty meathooks, I might add.