Friday, October 31, 2008


It's a Halloween miracle! Beeswax rises from it's mouldering grave and stalks the Earth once more!
I missed posting this back when it was appropriate, but here's my entry for Project Rooftop's Vampirella: ReVamp. The version posted there is in color, but I think I like this line art version better.

I actually came up with a ton of back story for this redesign, but I don't have time to go into it, right now. If you're interested, remind me in a few weeks when the time-pressure has let up a little.


Shobo said...

Good to see you posting again Joel. I really need to keep a closer eye on Project Rooftop.

chrishaley said...

Good to have you back, even if I know it will more than likely be a very long time before we hear from you again.

Marie said...

Hey! You posted! :)

The intricate pattern on the dress is captivating, Id love to her more of the back story.

Pulpatooner said...

Thanks for the warm welcome back!

Not only do you need to keep a closer eye on P:R, you need to submit a design or two!

Sadly, you have probably hit the nail squarely on the head.

I'm pretty sure I cribbed that pattern off an Erté drawing. I'm not too proud to steal.