Thursday, June 26, 2008

Sketching Superman: Man of Style

So, Project: Rooftop has another big redesign event coming down the pike, and this time, they're not fooling around.

Man, trying to redesign Superman is like trying to come up with a new flavor for oxygen.

Anyway, here are some sketches, as I tried to puzzle this particular conundrum out:


Ben said...

I really like panel two, far left.

Shobo said...

Been gone for a while!

Tough task at hand, it's funny how open people are about reinterpretations of Batman's costume but Superman... not so much.

*Pushes glasses further up nose*

I think the long coat makes him look a little like a Kryptonian lab technician, but I have to say I like the way the cape and coat go together on the third row, first column image.

I've always felt the best Superman designs had a regal quality about them that spoke of a quiet inner strength... as much as that's possible when you're wearing your pants on the outside**

I also like the design in the first column of the first row. Sort of looks like what the Superman Red Son design SHOULD have been.

Cleaner, simpler designs seem to work best with ye olde man of steele.

** British pants that is.

Unknown said...

Yeah, I really dig the long coat... hope that makes the final design. A lot of the superman fun is how effortless everything is, no matter how impossible the task, plus there's an air of inner peace/calm/regal bearing that accentuates it... like steven seagal in a silk shirt. Plus, there's all sorts of possibilities for "scuffed-up battle mode" to let you know this time whatever threat he's fighting is SUPER SUPER SERIOUS YOU GUYZ.

The Codester said...

I like the coat design on bottom row far left. It IS fighting the lab technician thing like Mr Coker said, but it's also wanting to be Neo from the Matrix, and you know when no ones around to judge, everyone loves neo. I think there would have to be an alternate, or phase #2 of the costume under the coat though, as it seems like it might be constraining.

I did one of these also, though I didn't so much re-design Superman in there here and now. I more re-designed what I think he should have looked like during the time he was originally created. kind circa de Smallville.

Pulpatooner said...

Thanks, everybody! I'm glad you all seemed to like the one I went with.

Cody, I did design his under-suit, but didn't ink, deciding to go with drawing the whole Superfamily, instead. But, maybe I'll post it, yet, if people are interested.