Friday, May 16, 2008

1950's Wolverine

fake upside-down Wolverine comic
fake Wolverine on Mars comic
fake Wolverine as an ant god comic
fake King Wolverine comic


Dylan Todd said...

I'd buy it. Put it on my pull list!

john_m_burt said...

"Pull list"? Sorry, 1950s issues of Wolverine Comics are only sold in mylar snugs at the kind of price I pay for a car and Bill Gates pays for shoes.

I'll wait for the Clawed Crusader Archives at a mere $59.99 a pop.

chrishaley said...

You were supposed to explain this to me yesterday.
Wait, that makes it sound like I don't get the joke/awesomeness.. you were supposed to give me the commentary on this yesterday.

Pulpatooner said...

Dylan and John,

The real question is whether to get the $15 black and white Essential, or hold out for the Masterworks. Because forget tracking down the original issues.


Yeah, we got distracted by some hullabaloo or another. Not that there's any more explanation beyond "Look, I drew Wolverine as though he were the Fifties Superman."

chrishaley said...

My question would be what prompted it then.

Also, I forgot to mention, these are the best thing ever, and I love them.

escapegoat said...

Omg.....this needs to be made into
Those are the most awesomenest things I've seen in the last two days...(I wanted to say this week/month/year, but the internet is full of awesomeness and the last awesome thing I came across was the manbabies website a couple of days ago :D )


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