Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Beyond his nom de Internet, Skeezix, the Adorable Progeny has picked up a passel of nicknames, a selection of which are presented here:

Action-Baby demands action!


Lie still, little frog. O thou Mowgli–for Mowgli the Frog I will call thee...
—Mother Wolf in The Jungle Book

With one-tenth the power of ten ordinary infants!
So nicknamed by Chris and Curt.

Little Goat
I don't quite have the onomontopoeia right on this one, yet.

The onomontopoeia on this one is very accurate, however.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Parade 10!


Hey Kids! Join the parade! This is a meme intended to produce high-contrast imagery for parents and their infants. Parents can use these images in any way for their kids, but all other uses must be contracted for with the original artist. More information, including how to format your submission, can be found back at the beginning of The Parade!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Mid-Life Crisis Iron Man.

Project: Rooftop and Westfeild Comics are sponsoring Iron Man: Invincible Upgrade, for which I'm a commentator. This is my ineligible little contribution.

I'm not really an Iron Man fan, and it seems me that, on some secret level, you kinda hafta want to have sex with a Japanese motorcycle in order to design a really good suit of Iron Man armor. And, well, I do not want to have sex with a Japanese motorcycle. So, it was difficult to find a direction on this one. Then I read Michael Chabon's article in the New Yorker on superhero uniforms as "True Skin." From that thesis, the notion of Tony Stark choosing to wear the machine as his flesh is distinctly creepy. From there, I liked the idea of lumpy, hirsute, middle-aged Tony wearing lithe, young machineflesh, and not really getting why the other superheroes aren't comfortable with this latest upgrade.

Not my most inspired redesign, but they can't all be Ma Hunkel.

This is a different version than will appear when the Invincible Upgrade runs. Dashing Dean Trippe generously offered to color my entry, and who'd say no to that?

Monday, April 07, 2008


Maybe it's because I'm currently experiencing the zenith of the ol' circle of life, but, dang, I'm into this Spring. Trees are a'bloomin'; buds are a'bornin'. The potted garden is back, and and a big crop of seedlings are moving towards having pots of their own.