Sunday, March 09, 2008

The Marsupial Man

After about a week of sitting around and staring at the Adorable Progeny, I had to get up and actually get some stuff done. This became much easier after I entered the august ranks of Baby-Wearers. Starting with about twenty-four yards of fabric and a team of specially-trained hand maidens, I am encased in an elaborate criss-crossed layering of slings, pockets, at least one origami swan. It takes awhile, and the hand maidens command a pretty steep salary, but it's worth it. Once outfitted, I can effortlessly wear the Adorable Progeny in a variety of positions. He is completely blissed out by this arrangement, and I'm freed up to do thing like, uhm, draw the above doodle.


chrishaley said...

I don't know why this made me giggle, but it did.
Way to multi-task!

J Chris Campbell said...

Way to go dude. I couldn't get that wrap thing to work. Those baby harness things are a pain. So I ended up using a sling. Which was perfect and little man loved it!

april said...

those things are so amazing!

Pulpatooner said...


Well, I wouldn't quite call it multi-tasking. It's more like I can slowly get half a task done while acting as a cradle for Skeezix.


Yeah, we have a sling, too, and it's definitely the easier device, but it's way too small for my mighty he-chest. But my sister-in-law says she's sent me one, and if it fits,I'll be happy to sling with the nest of 'em.


You know it really is pretty amazing to even the roughest approximation of what it's like to have a babe in utero. Minus the crushed bladder and hormones, of course.

Curt Franklin said...

I showed my mom this picture of you today.
She said it reminded her of when she had the cutest baby in the world. Then she said, "Your brother was adorable."
My mom's hilarious.

chrishaley said...

Apparently the Franklins are just a family of comedians.

Lighthouse Pilot said...
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Lighthouse Pilot said...

So...I still need to swing by and see the adorable progeny in person
and present to you a very long overdue baby shower gift. I have to
time it so you're wearing the sling when you answer the door, though.
I'm going to have to insist, however, that once young Skeezix is
walking about on his own you immediately discard the sling so as to
avoid storing other things in it. Things like your lunch, or art
supplies. Handy as it may's only cool when a baby is on