Thursday, January 10, 2008

Parade 5!

Bell Girl sent in by Squidgee Moot!

Il Coccordrillo by me.


stephen eidson said...

I sent you a couple last night to your pulpatoon e-mail and realized I had not performed the patented Priddy bitmap technique on them. I've resent the bitmapped versions. I also learned when using said bitmap quickly grabbed bond paper and ink may not be the best combination. Ah well.

Joel Priddy said...


I haven't yet received those emails. Would you mind resending them? I can't wait to see what you've got!

stephen eidson said...

Just pushed them off on their merry way again. My wife had an issue checking email this morning so perhaps it was our ever reliable service provider. Hopefully these will make it.

Joel Priddy said...


J Chris Campbell said...

I sent this to you via e-mail last week. I think. But you've had a pretty crazy couple of weeks. So I went ahead and posted it to flickr and on my site right now.

Joel Priddy said...

Thanks, JCC! Looks great!

My mailbox seems convinced that you are spam. When will my computer learn to distinguish the legitimate purveyors of penis-enlargement creams from the many frauds?

Actually, as evidenced by the previous comments on this post alone, I'm having all kinds of spam filter issues. I'm combing through a couple hundred emails everyday, and still missing the few actual emails that are sent to me. I'm planning on migrating over to gmail, but need little free space on the calendar, first.