Sunday, January 20, 2008

Let's not have another week like that one, okay?

Things have been a little rough around here, lately. The Lovely Wife and I went to a routine doctor's appointment, and ended up in Labor and Delivery. The good news is that she and the Adorable Progeny are both okay, and that Skeezix is still on the right side of LW's belly (that is to say, the inside), but that was very nearly not the case. Five days later, and considerably worse for the wear, we made it back home.

The Lovely Wife is on bed-rest for the rest of the pregnancy, which, hopefully will be awhile longer. Skeezix is 33 weeks along, today. Seven more to go.


Anonymous said...

Egads. I'm glad everything is OK, but what a harrowing experience that must have been. For what it's worth, my nephew -- whom you may remember from our wedding as the world's tiniest 5-month-old -- was born at 30 weeks and is now a sturdy 14-year-old skateboarder.

The bed rest, of course, means that you have a sacred obligation to carry out every single tiny detail of "nesting" that pops into LW's pregnant brain. Prepare to rearrange the Nerdery (I love that!) at least seventeen times a week from here on out ;)

Good luck! All will be well.

Pulpatooner said...

Thanks, David.

Yeah, I have encountered nesting-by-proxy as recently as this afternoon. And, of course, as the member of the couple that doesn't have five-pound fetus squishing around in my guts, I'm glad to carry each and every one of these tasks out.

Anonymous said...

Gah! Sounds like you two just have it a little bit too cozy, and The Skeez just can't wait to get out and disrupt all your Gem├╝tlichkeit. Try and make your offer a somewhat less attractive, why dontcha?

But seriously, glad to hear all's well again, and I'm making big fat wishes that it stays that way.

chrishaley said...

Glad things are back to a little more normal and everyone is okay.
I just got a new phone Saturday (because my old one got broken somehow Friday night) so I didn't get your text yesterday until far after the fact. Which is to say, I'm still trying to figure out how the new phone works, and I'm sorry I missed your message. I did work on comics for most of the day at home though, so at least I was being productive.

Pulpatooner said...


Yeah, Skeezix is proving to be very much like his mother. The Lovely Wife cannot rest if there is a present in the house. The weeks before a birthday or Christmas can be pretty trying. Skee has, apparently, figured out that we're having a baby shower this weekend, and wants to be there to receive the presents, personally.

We'll try to get a little more unbequem around here, to reduce his temptation to join us. Also, I have, for instance, duct-taped the Lovely Wife's knees together. That should help prevent early delivery, right?


Sorry to have missed you, yesterday, but glad to hear that more comics were drawn! Your public anxiously awaits.

Also, nice user icon.

chrishaley said...

Yeah, it's already garnering loads of compliments.

Pulpatooner said...

Lemme know when the cards are done, as I'd love to post 'em.

april said...

wow, i'm glad to hear everything has settled down a bit! i meant to send good thoughts over when chris originally told me about the hospital visit, but they got lost in all the schoolwork swimming around in my brain.

which is also the reason i've failed to properly thank you for the incredible immortalization of myself as a superhero with fucking steel arms. man. awesome, joel. thank you.

send sarah and skeezix my warmest wishes, and keep a few for yourself as well. and the baby shower is still on, yes?

Pulpatooner said...

Thanks, April! Belated good vibes are always accepted! and you're very welcome for the rendition. I'm glad you liked it. although, to be technical, They're mother-fuckin' steel arms.

And, yeah, the shower is still on. It took a little leap of faith on our parts, but we're running on the assumption that Skee will stay put for awhile yet.

The Ichthyophile said...

That kid just can't wait to get out and into this world eh? Hang in there, Skeezix, there's no rush.

Pulpatooner said...

From your lips to Skeezix's little tiny pink shell of an ear.

Stephanie Han Windham said...

Very scary! I'm glad things are OK though. Wishing you a safe delivery!!

Pulpatooner said...

Thanks, Steph!

Adam said...

Oh my...yeah, hang onto that critter as long as you can.

The duct tape you've mentioned should help. Playing Neil Sedaka records loudly is another time tested technique for making the outside world less palatable.

Hope you three are doing better now. Love to the missus and little one.

the lw said...

Hi Adam! Great to hear from you. Meant to respond to your post a while ago. Thanks for the good wishes. I'm happy to report that we're only two days away from being full term. Can't believe we've made it this far.

Took a gander at your website the other day and raved to Joel about how captivating your work is. We may need to commission a picture of the Rhinoceros Boy for the nursery (aka the nerdery).

Hope the whole family's doing well.