Monday, January 07, 2008

Join the Parade!

While putting together the Adorable Progeny's deluxe suite (presently referred to as the Nerdery), and I keep coming across the information that young infants can most easily see high contrast black and white imagery. There's some very nice stuff available for purchase, but, hey, I've got a bottle of ink! Why not make my own?

Here's what I'm thinking: I'll post my drawings at pretty high resolution (600 dpi). Any parent who would like to use these for their infant is welcome to. They remain my intellectual property, and are not available for other use without contacting me (this includes schools and garage bands), but parents can do all kinds of things with them: make flashcards, wall art, tattoos, whatever.

And, in my very first attempt at memecraft, I'd like for other folks to add to the parade. The parameters are:
1.) You are willing to offer the same terms that I have. You retain all rights, but parents can use the images for their kids.
2.) High contrast black and white imagery, at a pretty decent resolution. No grays, no gradients, no colors. Well, maybe red.
3.) Content should be all-ages appropriate. Dahr.
4.) It's a musical parade! Give your marcher an instrument!

No deadline. We'll keep on marching for as long as people are interested in joining in. Drop your link in the comments of any Parade post, or shoot me an email!


J Chris Campbell said...

I'm on it! But not until tomorrow.

the lw said...

Hey Schwee, would it be possible to have these made into wall decals? We've been looking at other decal options for the nerdery as of late, but it occurs to me now that these images would be perfect.

Pulpatooner said...


Great News! Can't wait to see what you come up with!


Yeah, any sign shop should be able to take these files and make vinyl transfers out of them. It might be a expensive, but I'd have to check.

Stephanie Han Windham said...

The Nerdery! Oh you slay me, Joel. Wow, so close to YOU being a father!!!! It's really freaking me out :P It's nice to see you all excited, though; can't wait to see pix of the lil nerd when he's finally popped out.

april said...

this is possibly the best idea for a meme ever.

oh, and thank you guys for the christmas gift! i hope that stuff's good on salad, 'cause that's where it's going! (the vinegar, not the snappers)

Pulpatooner said...


Yeah, it's pretty crazily exciting. By the way, by responding to this post, I'm considering you committed to submitting at least one design to the parade.


Thanks! I think that stuff should be pretty good on a salad, but try it on other stuff, too! Like cheese! Or an apple! Pasta! Soup! Uhm... toothbrushes!

april said...

ooh, vinegar and cheese! why hadn't that occurred to me? that sounds delicious!

Pulpatooner said...

It is always a joy to introduce new pleasures!

Unknown said...

I'll leave the scribblin' to you scribblin' folk, but I've always got a moment for a graphic-nerd comment! Wouldn't vector be a better (and downloadabler) format for your kind of "whack it on the wall really big o scare the bejesus out of the little half-blind worm" use?

If you take a good scan and import it into Flash, you can have yerself a vecotr in seconds. Illustrator does a pretty good job too. If you need help, you've got my adress.

Pulpatooner said...

Thanks, Matt! I always forget about vectoring stuff, because I like my brushes and their textured lines so well. That, and 'cuz I'm a good ten years behind the times.

Folks are, of course welcome to submit vectored files. If I do any vinyl output for the Nerdery, I'll have to check out the Bezier side of the street.

Anonymous said...

I stumbled across this blog, and this meme, and thought "This parade sounds like a cool thing." So I decided to contribute:

(Sorry the image is rough. I won't have good scanning/editing resources for a while. All resolutions are available in that link.)

I hope you like it!

Anonymous said...

8D I'll try to make some as soon as I have a minute- probably this weekend! Also, as godmum to a little girl, I think I'm going to drop back in, and print out the parade. :3 Morgan will love it!

(Also: she has a poster, red with white and black, basic shapes and patterns, and faces, that hangs over her crib, made by my infant-nurse mother and me, which she loves. I think she'll like this too!)

jess smart smiley said...

Here are some critturs I made up in black and white.