Monday, December 17, 2007

The Patron Saint of Mean Old Bastards

What with the madness and all, I completely missed my chance to hype the latest round of Fist-a-Cuffs, the battle-blog for daring doodles. Trying out the whole "late is better than never" theory, I thought I'd share my slush-pile on the way to developing the combatant I actually submitted.

This was a three-person tag-team round: two fighters and a manager. I came up with Ol' St. Bastard here as a manager character.


f is for Fer; he failed to floss said...

Any chance St B could branch out into other professions? I could use a mentor.

Pulpatooner said...

All you need to petition the S.O.B. is to be:

a. Old

b. Mean

c. a Bastard

I'll leave it up to the individual to decide if he or she qualifies.

chrishaley said...

It always amazes me how different these things look on-screen as opposed to seeing them on the pages of your sketchbook.
Regardless, he's fantastic.

Unknown said...

I really liked the image you ended up using and can guess the impending arrival may have had a hand in the thought process. That said, I think you benched the wrong character. This one is great! I don't know if it would have squeaked past Sam's kid friendly rules or not but a fine design nonetheless.

Pulpatooner said...


Thanks! I'd be interesting in hearing how they look different on the page or the screen, if you have any specific observations.


If needed the kid-friendly version was going to be "Mean Old Buzzards," which really doesn't have the same poetry to it, does it?

The Ichthyophile said...

Bah Humbug!