Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Wondering About Wondering About Wonder Woman

Project Rooftop has just posted the winners and finalists of the Wonder Woman Wardrobe War, featuring special guest commentator Gail Simone! There's some really nice stuff over there. Joe Quinones' piece just may make you swear off drawing forever, but that's okay, because Maris' will have you reaching for the pens to make up some rootin'-tootin' adventures for her adorable Wonder Woman. And, of course, Ming Doyle just rocks it.

In other news, I was just interviewed by the Associate Press (Cincinnati) about comics in colleges. I don't know when the article will run, and one never knows how widely an AP story will carry, and, geez I don't even take a paper, so if anyone sees this article, I'd appreciate you bringing it to my attention. Always good to have things like that in the job file.


chrishaley said...
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chrishaley said...

You magnificent bastard.
As much as I love Joe's (and I do.. a lot) I really think yours is the best.
April and I poured over all the finalists for a long time last night debating what we did and didn't like about them.
With the exception of the bare toes, we decided yours really would be the one we'd like to see Wonder Woman actually wearing in the comics. Also, even though some people were agog (actual word?) that you left out the blue with white stars, I think it makes for a much stronger overall design sticking to just the gold and red.

Katie said...

You can always keep an eye out for the article on the commercial appeal's digital edition of the paper version at commercialappeal.com if we're lucky enough for them to run the article.

april said...

i'm torn because i actually really love the footwear. i mean, a lot. it just seems counterintuitive to see a superhero's toes, i guess. still, i told chris, "i really do like joel's the best. and not just because we know him."

and the CAPE! wow, joel.

f is for Fer; he failed to floss said...

Electra-wow! Great job on Diana, Mister P, especially the cape. I liked the stern but slightly weary look on her face, too: "Dude. Please. I'm an Amazon. Kal-El is cool and all, but Batman is the one that makes me a little tingly. He just gets me; you don't."

Here's an Oregon shout out to my home girl Ms Simone, who suddenly everywhere, even in the "respectable" media; long may she wave.

Pulpatooner said...


Thanks! I'm glad you liked it. As far as the shoes, I was going for a Grecian-sandal-but-not-a-Grecian-sandal thing: something light and free but, hopefully, kinda dignified. I'm not too sure what I ended up with, really.

I actively tried to eliminate the American flag aspect of Diana's costume, which, outside of her intoduction during World War Two, seems like an off-note for the character. I was surprised at how many people felt it was integral to her visual identity, owever.


Good point! I'll have to check that out.


I'd have preferred to have her barefoot, but I didn't think Diana would want dirty feet. I was operating on the impression that Wonder Woman is invulnerable, and therefore her toes would be tougher than anything she chose to enacse them in. It turns out that she's just invulnerable-ish.


Dyna-Thanks! I worked for awhile on that expression. Too long. Diana kinda ended up with a great big face. I even shrank her head in Photoshop, and I still think she looks like a goblin. But I got the expression I was going for, at least.

As far as Gail: I hope all the other big-time comics writers have taken note: review for Project Rooftop, and get in the New York Times.

The Ichthyophile said...

I personally think WW should wear some kind of crocs.

Pulpatooner said...


Kyle Latino said...

I agreed with everyone's comments. If I would have know Gail was seeing them, I would have taken more time! Haha

You mentioned that you were curious to here my concept of Wonder Woman. This is what I wrote on my deviantart about it:

I've always believed that Wonder Woman should be, for lack of a better term, butch. Batman trains all his life to be a warrior, and he's built like a tank. I imagine it would be even more so for Wonder Woman. Furthermore, what is with all the 'W's and American motifs on her costume. She's not American, and 'W' isn't in the Greek alphabet. Also, you really can't see, but she has her left eye poked out, to add to her war-weathered look. Wonder Woman goes tow to tow with Superman all the time, but it doesn't look like she can. I fixed that. Let's just say that if this Wonder Woman twisted Maxwell Lord's head off, nobody would have been too surprised about it.

Pulpatooner said...

Thanks for the back story, Kyle! I think your design speaks to all the concepts you mentioned.