Monday, November 05, 2007

More Reasons to Fear My Power

What do Darkseid, Dr. Doom, Galactus, and I have in common? Exquisite fashion sense? Unquenched and unquenchable thirst for power? Being created by Jack Kirby? Yes, yes, but also: we have all been listed by CBR as among the 365 reasons to love comics! Nice!

While I'm checking through my blog hits, here's some other points of interest:

PopMatters has reviewed the latest issue of Ballyhoo Stories, which is my first issue as the magazine's comics editor. I'm proud of the line-up of cartoonists who contributed, and delighted by their work, and it's nice to see that some other folks liked it, too.

A strip from this very blog is assigned reading for a comics writing workshop at the Cambridge Center for Adult Education.

And from the always amusing realm of Google search phrases: while most Googlers swing by the blog looking for good deals on beeswax, or information on encaustic painting, there's still a steady stream of disappointed folks searching for "Supergirl upskirt" and "how to draw Ironhide" (the transforming robot, not the cursing sailor). But the hot news is the sudden increase in Shannon Tweed fans and searches for "porn movie mistakes."

Ah, geeky, horny internet, you're so delightfully predicatble. Which is why I'm changing the name of this blog to "Supergirl and Catwoman making out in a Gundam."


The Ichthyophile said...

Talk about a feather in your cap! Congrats, Joel! Well deserved praise!

Zach Taylor said...

That Apokolips crew is fantastic.

All your interpretations of superhero stuff is great. You should do a book with a lot of fighting and heroics, would be awesome juxtaposed with the more poetic stuff you have out now. And make DC publish it. Yeah.

I've been reading the Fourth World material again and am doing a Mr. Miracle/Black Racer pic myself.

chrishaley said...

You magnificent bastard. (Where is the seething with jealousy while glowing with pride and stifling laughter font?)
That is all I will say.

Pulpatooner said...

Thanks, Icthy! I'm flattered as all get-out!


A couple weeks ago I was put on these weird steroids that really messed me up—I was manic and aggressive, and I couldn't remember much. A bad state to be in for teaching, or operating motor vehicles, but a great one for reading the Fourth World! I had a great time staying in bed, reading the first two omnibuses, and so, of course, had to draw the Big D. Let me know when you finish your MM/BR image, I'd love to see it!

And for any DC or MArvel editors accidentally stumbling across this page: listen to Zach's suggestion. He speaks with the voice of millions!


I think it's FiestaBile Bold Oblique.

april said...

congratulations, joel! it is certainly well-deserved. i'd wanted to say something more original but i'm swimming in a cloud of cold medicine and it's hard to formulate coherent sentences.

also, i'm sorry to have cancelled dinner plans on saturday. i hope chris conveyed my apologies. diwali was not what i hoped it would be, which made me even more bummed about cancelling.

Pulpatooner said...

Thanks, April! Especial thanks, for typing through the blear of cold medicine. It sounds like it was just as well that you cancelled: if you're sick now, you were probably contagious then, and I ain't want no germs around the Lovely, Gravid Wife.

I hope you feel better, and am looking forward to when we can get together.

april said...

indeed. i hadn't even thought of that. perhaps this weekend, or maybe next, depending on how i feel? either way, i hope you two (or three, rather) are doing well.

Unknown said...

It would be great to see you take on a cape story from one of the big two.

Scott Morse, Jeff Smith and Kyle Baker all had styles not typically featured in the superhero books. You'd fit in perfectly with that canon. Who do we need to start picketing?

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