Friday, November 09, 2007

Forbidden Sins Deleted Scene

By amazing coincidence, just after friend-of-the-blog, Stephen Eidson, requested a sketch from Forbidden Sins, even though I explicitly stated that I had already documented every second in which I appeared in the movie, I just happened to remember a little extra footage of me from later in the movie.

Funny how memory works, huh? Anyway, not my most dignified moment, but I think it ties up the Polygraph Technician's arc nicely.


Unknown said...

I am deeply shocked. Not by the fact that you appear to be pantsless in this image but by the fact that you would sully such an exceptional blog by announcing my presence. I'm also tickled pink. Thanks.

chrishaley said...

Hey, speaking of things you've scanned....

Pulpatooner said...


Hah! Welcome to the searing Sauron-eyed spotlight that is the collective Beeswax attention span! Any pink tickling or temporary hair loss is within the expected range of symptoms. And let me take a moment to recommend folks click on Stephen's link and check out his amazing comics pages!


I'm pretty sure I've actually, for really real, honest-to-Betsy, copied 'em on to the hard-drive this time. Maybe.

Unknown said...

"Amazing" may seem an overstatement to anyone used to viewing the sequential work here but I'll gleefully accept it. I do welcome anyone with the good taste to be here to swing by and tell me where I could stand to improve in the sequential department. In the meantime, I'll plan on pulling that generous compliment out of context and pasting it on the back of my next mini effort. :)

Many thanks again.