Friday, November 30, 2007

December, 1997, pt. 3

Still tracking my Christmas vacation during my first year of grad school; still at my Dad's place. The bird is Popeye, an Eclectus parrot. My father has quite a few parrots. They all hate me. Popeye here once climbed out of his cage, walked on his little bird feet in a straight line through three rooms, climbed up the side of a couch, across the couch to where I was reading, and bit my thumb. It is a resolute hate.

This was, apparently, the year I took up the foolish notion of learning the recorder, even though no one of the entire planet likes music played on a recorder. I practiced diligently for months, until I was defeated by "Short'nin' Bread."

Holy Moly! We're just getting to dinner? This may be the single sketchiest of day of my whole sketching life.

Uhm... and old lantern?

And me looking emo-tastic in a window's reflection that night when I can't sleep.


The Ichthyophile said...

"squawk!....draw some super heroes....squawk!!!"

Shobo said...

I don't have anything particularly interesting to add except to say that it's rather interesting seeing your drawings from a decade ago. It's cool to see how certain things you do have since been dropped, changed or have evolved.

Also, Boo-urns at Blogger suddenly forcing you to download images you click on instead of opening a new tab.

*wonders if that's happening only to him*

Pulpatooner said...


Yeah, yeah, who am I to deny the parrots of the world? I've just posted my version of the Greatest of the Spaceknights!


Aw, man, is that really the case? I noticed that with a blog I went to earlier today, and assumed it was just them. Dang, I might need to find a new blog home, now.

Shobo said...

It seems to be blogger, it happened on my blog, and Mee-chelle's as well when I visited.

I figure once they realise it's silly they'll switch it back, maybe. I can't for the life of me figure out why they'd do that though.

Pulpatooner said...

Yeah, it seems very counter the spirit of web 2.0. Aren't we supposed to be moving everything into the ether, leaving our hard drives pristine and empty?

C'mon, Blogger, don't saddle me with all these bytes! You're dragging me down!

Dylan Todd said...

Dang. I'm jealous. I suck at keeping a sketchbook. I always lug it around only to have it sit in my bag. Forever.

Pulpatooner said...

Thanks, Dylan! Thing is, I'm kind of jealous, too, because I'm not nearly this sketchy myself anymore. And I miss it. But, somehow, I just can't find that sketching mojo.

Also, I'm jealous that you can do pretty things with type. My every typographic endeavor somehow transforms into 10 pt. Palatino. It's very frustrating.

Dylan Todd said...

Aw, shucks. I'm blushing. If I had known the author of Ironhide Tom was checking my work out, I'd have picked up a little, so to speak. Seriously, don't search your name on my blog. I gush a little bit about your comics. It's a tad bit embarrassing.

And as far as type goes, at least it's 10 point Palatino and not 12 point Times New Roman or [shudder] Myriad. Freaking Myriad. It's the bane of my existence. Well, that and Comic Sans, or I I refer to it: "Satan's Typeface".

Pulpatooner said...


You realize, of course, that the first thing I did upon reading that comment was go search your blog, right?

And I'm very appreciative of the recommendation! Thanks, Dylan!

chrishaley said...

I like that recorder.