Sunday, September 09, 2007

Spoiler Alert!

Well, Young Mr. Trippe is up to his meme-jinks, once again. This time, it's Stephanie Brown, aka "Spoiler," aka "The girl Robin who got killed real fast and then ignored."

I've never been a particular fan of Robin, but I did buy the three issues or so when Stephanie wore the red-breast. A girl Robin caught my imagination, and seemed like a interesting pants-kick to the Batman-plus-one dynamic. It quickly became apparent that the writer was only pursuing this storyline because of editorial mandate, and that said mandate ended with Stephanie getting hers. Feh.

Anyway, Dean himself has drawn a very nice take on the character.
Jemma Salume, Joel Carroll, and Ming Doyle all have great ones, too. And many more to come, I'll warrant.

I'm not sure why I drew my Stephanie in the company of Hal Jordan and Metamorpho. But I'm glad Metamorpho is in the lead. That cat looks like he's got a plan.


chrishaley said...

Okay, I may be here a while for this one, so bear with me.

I think we've had the discussion before that a lot of artists are essentially drawing themselves or a version (often times romaticized). There is often a "soul of Joel" (let's call it) shining through your male characters, animals, or inanimate calzones. By that same token, The Lovely Wife seems to make an appearance (portions or percentages) in many of your females.
I believe this to be the case here.
And it's neat.

Moving on, I think the little short cape is my favorite part. I also like the elbow pads.
I have to ask though, are there too many colors going on here? You're the master and I the peon, so I'll leave it to you to tell me what is right and wrong.

My "you as your characters" theory comes back into play here in your Hal and Rex. Different aspects of course. More in Rex. He's got a jaunty stride. He needs to be driving a jaunty jalopy.
I want you to draw Metamorpho driving a Ford Model T. Only you can do it the Joel way.
Anyway, I love this picture.

Jumping to a different topic, how's the tablet treating you?
Also, sorry I missed your message yesterday, apparently I was asleep on the couch all afternoon.

Pulpatooner said...


Thanks! I'm glad you like it! It's funny, I don't really see the resemblances you're picking up on (well, okay, Metamorpho does have my nose), but that's probably a good sign. The healthiest patterns of stylization seem to be the ones that the artist is least aware of.

Yeah, there are an awful lot of colors here. I think they work okay in this very cartoony version, but probably wouldn't in "real" take on the character. While I've really tried to consider the ins and outs of various characters when I've taken them on in the past (Liberty Bell, Supergirl, Red Tornado), this one is pretty much just a doodle that ended up looking kinda finished.

I could definitely spend a few weeks drawing Metamorpho and consider it time well spent. I love that guy. I don't really know mush about his recent stories, but the old Ramona Fradon stuff makes me happy.

Speaking of the tablet, my first stab at Spoiler/Robin was drawn entirely on the tablet (by entirely, I mean the half that I bothered to finish). It was kinda fun, until it became boring and frustrating. I'm liking the tablet a lot for specific tasks, but as of the moment, I'm still a bigger fan of ink on paper.

chrishaley said...

Not all related, but do you read Invincible? I can't recall this ever coming up in our comics talk.

chrishaley said...

Oh, also, while I'm filling up your comments page, why'd you choose the new pants-ticized version of Metamorpho?

Pulpatooner said...


Yup, I read Invincible, and with considerable relish, too. It's one of an ever-dwindling number of books that I buy by the issue and by the trades. Good stuff. If a law was passed outlawing all but one superhero comic, I'd probably vote for Invincible to be that one comic.

As far as long-pants Metamorpho, well, he just looks a little more dignified in them than in the standard Sixties swim trunks. And with a mug like that, he deserves any dignity we can scrape together for the poor bastard.

chrishaley said...

Well, since you read Invincible, after you get done drawing that Metamorpho (wearing a driving cap, goggles, and scarf a la Mr. Toad)in a Ford Model-T ... you should draw Invincible.

I'm ridiculous, I know.
I'll be old and no fun soon, so enjoy me while it lasts.