Sunday, September 09, 2007


If I have a totem animal, it must surely be a donkey. Because I definitely have a totem garment, and it's a rumpled tweed jacket. And donkeys pretty much all look like they're wearing rumpled tweed jackets.

That, my friend, is logic.


The Codester said...

No way can the donkey be your totem! Aren't they a symbol of ignorance? Aesop's fables wants us to think so.

Pulpatooner said...

I prefer to think of the donkey as the symbol of steadfast perseverance in the face of such minor obstacles as convention, socialability, or common sense.

The Codester said...

Yeah, Aesop was a jerk anyway. He's the kind of guy who'd let you eat the poisionous berry just so he could tell you a story about it while your swelled up a wheezing.

Anonymous said...

and donkeys are great examples of beings who are comfortable with themselves as they are
and never feel rushed to be in someone else's timing
or pressured to accomidate another when they don't feel it is in their best interest
and they aren't ignorant-they get things, just at their own pace
and once they get it, they got it
what a great totem animal to have-not that i know what a totem animal is