Friday, August 17, 2007

Meeting Skeezix

So, the Lovely Wife has been puking an awful lot, lately. And, apparently, it's not the bargain-bin clams she prefers for breakfast. The cause of her symptoms has been given the in utero name of Skeezix.



Unknown said...

Wait, what?!?

I would like to high-five you right about now. Well the wife too, of course.

Unknown said...


Unknown said...

Yeah, hit it, Nana!

The Codester said...

Wow-wee, The miracle of life! Congrats. Look out world, here comes the most philisophically advanced, graceful super-brained baby you've ever seen.

Evan said...

i vote that name be the out-of-utero name as well. how can a father go wrong with Skeezix?

Anonymous said...


Pulpatooner said...

Thanks, everybody!


High Fives accepted!

J Chris,

Thanks! Any advice on raising the next generation?


Ha! Cross-blog reference!


Well, you've described the lovely wife's contribution to the kid's genetic make-up, but let's not forget mine: this kid may also be allergic, asthmatic, and easily distracted by pictures of robots punching dinosaurs.


I agree that a kid could do worse than carry around a nickname like "Skeezix," based on phonetics alone. However, the lovely wife went through the trouble of actually looking the word up. It means "motherless calf," which isn't as appropriate to our situation as it was in the reference-source, Gasoline Alley. But, by the time we learned that, it was too late, the name had stuck. At least for the length of fetusdom.



Derrick Dent said...

Wow Joel, I heard the good news through the grapevine! Congratulations man!

Jessie Lee Dziorney said...

Oh My Goodness!! Soon the world shall have a baby Joel, thats so very exciting! Major Congrats!

"Go speed racer, Go speed racer, Go speed racer Gooooo!"

Anonymous said...

Reproducing, are ya? Jeez, when the hell did that kid I sold comics to grow up to become a father? Best of luck to you and the missus! Hope it doesn't end up looking like Ironhide Tom or Onionjack.

Anonymous said...

Hey Joel,

Congratulations are in order. The only advice I could give you is don't worry too much. When it's time a lot of it will come naturally, and you'll fake the rest.

You are in for a pretty awesome experience. I wouldn't trade it in for anything.


michelle said...

Holy crap! That's amazingly exciting :D

Unknown said...

I second Michelle's "Holy crap!!!"

I am thrilled two brilliant minds are reproducing. Great news... warms my bitter heart.

Knee-mann said...


Knee-mann said...

That is going to be one cool fucking kid, lemme tell you what.

Dany said...

Oh wow..

Congrats. I can totally picture you as a Dad too. The thought brings a smile to my face. :)

Greg Akers said...

Wow, those ultrasound images are looking better and better these days.

Congrats, my friend.

Pulpatooner said...

Thanks, everybody!


Dang, that's a fast grapevine. One might say it moves at the speed... of Cody.


Are you saying the adorable progeny is going to be a demon on wheels? That s/he's a demon and s/he's gonna be chasin' after someone? That s/he's gainin' on you so you better look alive, and that s/he'll be busy revvin' up the powerful Mach 5? Is that what you're saying?


Yeah, that whole passage of time thing can really sneak up on a person unawares-like.

It is a kinda gruesome prospect, having a kid who looks like Onion Jack or IronHide Tom, but think of all the time and money I'd save by having such handy character reference!


Thanks for the reassuring words. Of the two people directly involved in the care and raising of this human-in-training, I'm certainly the one less inclined to worry. I sorta fall into the "that's how you learn burners are hot" school of parenting. But, being less inclined is relative, and there's still plenty of worry to keep my up at night. I'll try to remain calm, however.


I'll see your Holy Crap, and raise you a Jumpin' Jehosaphat!


What? A seconded Holy Crap? Dang, I knew I shouldn't have used the Jumpin' Jehosaphat so early!

And, while I'm happy to warm your bitter heart, I sure hope I haven't sweetened it. We like our Michaels acerbic.


Thanks. It really is encouraging to see people responding with enthusiasm, as opposed to, say, reaching for the torches and pitchforks.


Yeesh, it's been awhile, huh? How are you? Please drop me an email with all the gory details, huh?

We did have to ask them to use a filter. It was either this ("drybrush"), or "color halftone," which would have made the ultrasound look like a sixties comic. That would've been cool, but I think we choose the right one.

Curt Franklin said...


Congratulations, and may your child be blessed with a companion as loyal as Snowy and adventures as exciting as Tintin.

Pulpatooner said...


That's the nicest way of wishing our child would undergo a series of blows to the head, dehydration, and asphyxiation as I've ever heard!

chrishaley said...

Ah, come on, Joel.
Look at where all those blows to the head have gotten Curt and I!

As to the other thing, you'll get no comment from me as I've already given you all those real life kudos (kyoo-dohs, not khoo-dohs).
So there.

Wait this is a comm.. dammit!

Unknown said...

Sheesh... I don't check in for a few days and you go announcing the miracle of life! Congratulations you are in for some truly rewarding moments ahead. My only advice- if you have no family close by to rely on, get all of the spontaneous "hey, why don't we go to..." moments out of your system that your lw can manage. Children are a precious gift but loading the traveling arsenal for them is something to behold.

f is for Fer; he failed to floss said...

Let me add my online congratulations to this esteemed list and very best wishes to your entire household, Joel.

Skeezix will be a dangerous combination of smart, good-looking, and talented -- the Lex Luthor of East Memphis? I can only hope this society is sufficiently entertaining to our new master, lest we suffer the fallout from Kryptonite-fueled death rays. Skeezix, I say this as a friend: please aim the death ray AWAY from Juicy Jim's. Thank you.

Pulpatooner said...


What possible good are kudos if I don't have an online, Google-searchable record of them?


Dang, that's a good point. You hear that, LW? We're going to get fish tacos, right now!


Skeezix: The Lex Luthor of East Memphis? From your keyboard to Gawd's monitor. Oh, that it should be so.

And just in case Skee doesn't heed Fer's targeting advice: LW, skupper the fish tacos! We're going to Juicy Jim's while we still can!

The Ichthyophile said...

Joel, you potent bastard you! Congrats! If Skeezix doesn't stick, how about Ignatz?

Unknown said...

If we're voting on names, I'm torn between either "Sluggo" or "Tubby."

Pulpatooner said...


You know, I actually did suggest "Ignatz/Ignatius" as a boy's name. And the lw actually considered it.


Nice. My two alternatives for in utero names were Sparky and Swee'pea.

So what do the two responses above tell you? With this kind of geek influence at home, poor Skeezix is going to get beaten up every damned recess of his/her entire life. Sorry, Skee.

The Ichthyophile said...

Just make sure he/she doesn't throw bricks!...but a left-handed pitcher with a good slider is a golden ticket to college!

Pulpatooner said...

"... A left-handed pitcher with a good slider..."

I can only assume you're describing some exotic form of kitchen equipment, there.

Stephanie Han Windham said...

Yay, now it can be told! Congratulations again ^__^

Skeezix the Cat said...

Congratulayshuns! Nobuddy's ever named anything in utero after me beefore!