Friday, August 24, 2007

Wieringo Week

August 24, 2007

Project: Rooftop to host 'Wieringo Week' tribute

In memory of Mike Wieringo, who passed away Aug. 12, Project: Rooftop has announced an open call for redesigns of Bart Allen (Impulse/Kid Flash/The Flash), the character created in 1994 by Wieringo and Mark Waid.

Submissions will be accepted through Sunday, with the best entries showcased during a special "Wieringo Week," which also will feature some of the best costume work from Wieringo's career.

"Mike had a timeless appreciation for these awesome characters and enjoyed the heck out of online costuming/drawing events, so I think he'd really dig this kind of fun being held in his honor," writes Project: Rooftop founder Dean Trippe. "Whether you consider yourself a friend, fan, or both, come join us in remembering Mike Wieringo, whose incredible artwork and unfailing kindness continue to serve as a source of unending inspiration and joy."

For full details, visit the Project: Rooftop website at

Project Rooftop is where cartoonists and illustrators bring their costume design skills to task in tribute to the superheroes and villains we've grown up with. This site is intended to promote excellence in costume design as well as foster continued interest for these amazing characters.

Press release written by Chris Arrant.

Sure, it's short notice, but Kid Flash wouldn't have it any other way.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Meeting Skeezix

So, the Lovely Wife has been puking an awful lot, lately. And, apparently, it's not the bargain-bin clams she prefers for breakfast. The cause of her symptoms has been given the in utero name of Skeezix.


Saturday, August 04, 2007

The Only Con Report You Need Ever Read

So, you know, I wrote a whole review, complete with photographs, fully outlining my every thought and impression of the 2007 San Diego Comic Con. And then I deleted it, because it was not nearly as succinct and powerful at capturing the total experience as this video:

Where cringing sympathy meets gleeful schadenfreude, there shall you find a Comic Con.