Monday, July 23, 2007

Beeswax Bound for San Diego

So I'm shuffling all my various ducks in rows, columns, and tiers in preparation for heading out to the Big Show, where I plan on being very graceful in defeat. And, just so I don't have to turn up empty-handed, I'll be taking along 50 copies of Beeswax Bound, a little sketchbooky sorta thing I put together through CafePress. It's mostly a collection of images you've already seen, for free, here on Beeswax (sell it, Joel, sell it!), but all re-contextualized through the power of imaginative typing. For instance, I have written profiles for all the various Fist-a-Cuffs designs I've drawn, and cobbled together a fun and educational game for them called Fracas. Play along at home!

Also found within the covers:
How to Kill and Skin an Animal the Size of a City Bus
A Vigilante's Personal Ad
Words of Advice from Bell of Splendid Awakening
A Thrilling Rock Grant Assignment Log
Full Frontal William Blake Nudity

All in all, it's 52 pages of black and white single-signature stapled fury, available via your nearest information appliance, or where ever I can be found at SDCC.*

* Namely, the AdHouse table at the following times:
Thursday July 26th, 2-4
Friday July 27th, 10-12
Saturday July 28th, 2-4