Friday, June 08, 2007

Some people call him "Maurice." Woo-Whew!

But I'll always think of him as the Gangster of Love.

The Australian Op, the dude in Deutschland, our Hamburg Helper, Marvelous Matt Balara, has taken up the gaunlet I threw down, and asked if I would doodle him one Tex Centauri, Space Cowboy! Look for his adventures on a Tweet near you!

We will drag Twitter, kicking and screaming, into the realm of the entertaining. Don't you wish you were in on the fun, too?

Oh, and here's a quote that I came across in the paper today:

Fandom is simply the force by which personal disconnect attains interconnectivity.
-Carlo McCormick


chrishaley said...

Feeling better yet or haz u stil gots de playg?

Pulpatooner said...

Much better, thanks for asking.

I saw the movie "Knocked Up," last night, which mentions one way of contracting conjuctivitis (which seemed to be one of the symptoms of the playg). No spoilers, but it has had me looking at the lovely wife with deep suspicion, ever since.

By the way, Mr. Haley, I hope you realize that, when I talk about throwing down the Twitter-narrative gauntlet, I'm looking at you. Not just you, but you definitely fall under the gauntlety gaze. Could be a great opportunity to work out the voice of a particular mad scientist.

chrishaley said...

Well, in that case, I guess I'm going to need a doodle from you as well.

My next post will explain what I've been busy doing instead.

Pulpatooner said...


chrishaley said...

"Is this your speargun?"

Best thing I've read all day.

chrishaley said...

Oh, also, having now seen "Knocked Up", that is hilarious.

the lw said...

Given that I came down with conjunctivitis exactly one day after Joel, that look of deep suspicion goes right back at him! Yick!

chrishaley said...

I'm suddenly feeling very unsure about putting my head anywhere in your house.

Pulpatooner said...


Shobo said...

Wait, you guys actually got conjuctivitis? (shudder)

Back in primary school over here kids used to call it "Apollo" partially because conjuctivitis was too difficult to pronounce, but also because there was a bizarre rumor that it was caused by bacteria brought back by the Apollo astronauts... and no, I'm not joking.

Pulpatooner said...

I don't think it was actual conjunctivitis, just some ugly eye hijinks to compound the general misery.

"Apollo" is a good name because, before he usurped Helios as the Sun God, Apollo was the god of health (specifically, the health of lovely young men), and, conversely, disease. Dying of a plague would be poetically referred to as being slain by Apollo's arrows.

But the idea of pink-eye being a space disease unleashed on the world by the American Space Agency is even better.