Monday, April 23, 2007

Skin and Bonez Triumphant!

Once again, Hackenslash found itself so evenly matched against an opponent that, well... all I can say is: LIVE BY THE COIN, DIE BY THE COIN!

The God of Scissors is dead, long live the Flaming Granny! Long may she and her radioactive consort reign!


The Ichthyophile said...

Joel, I hate to say that I did not notice the results of the battle had been declared in the comments section and that G.o.S. and Tree Man had lost by a coin toss. If only I could have gotten my vote in a couple days sooner!!!! I'll take the blame for the loss! My bad.

Mr. Joe said...

No way can the God of Scissors die*!
If Granny, Ray-Ray, and Tree Man wish hard enough. If we really, truly believe. He'll come back, right? Won't he?

*In fact, he didn't die. I'm pretty sure Granny and Ray-Ray had him and Tree Man over for Tea earlier today.

Pulpatooner said...


No worries. It was a fun run while it lasted, and now I can break training and sit back and enjoy the rest of the championship. All those hour of pre-match stretching were starting to take their toll. And the protein shakes—don't get me started on the protein shakes.

Mr. Joe,

You're right, if you believe hard enough, and if it's a really nice cup of tea, the G 'o S just might come back to us... but in what terrible new venue? Only time will tell.

Also, congrats, both on earning your ring, and on the utter brilliance that is the Flamin' G.