Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Keep on fightin'!

It's Day Three of the five-day East Conference Championship. Two brutal days yet to go! It's a marathon of mayhem! It's the long-haul 'til two fall! It's a full work-week of the destruction we'll wreak! It's... uhm... you know... a long time for four people to beat on each other.


Lighthouse Pilot said...

Look out, God of Scissors!

That X-Ray Ray is a tough one.

chrishaley said...

Joel, you magnificent bastard.

Anonymous said...


Pulpatooner said...

Thanks, guys.

Anonymous said...

Joel, congrats on the Eisner nomination!

chrishaley said...

Scott literally said exactly what I was going to say.
Link and all.

So I guess this means you'll have to hang out with us in San Diego afterall. I'm working on convincing Shane to go. He's teetering on the fence.

Anyway, all that to say congratulations.
I fully expect you to pummel the opposition at the awards just as easily as you've done at FAC.

Pulpatooner said...

Thanks, Scott and Chris!

Yup, this means I'm packing my bags, and heading back to SDCC. But, considering I'm up against Batman/The Spirit, I won't be exactly practising my acceptance speech day and night.

Chris, You must talk Shane into going. And not just going—into dressing up as The Trampoline! We'll rule the halls with our FACA cosplay!

Ashley said...

Congratulations, Joel!

And as luck would have it, I've been spending each day for the last two weeks constructing a Shane-sized "The Trampoline" costume. Out of used trampolines, no less. Who knew it would come in hand so soon? I was saving it for our honeymoon, but I guess he could wear it for SDCC, too.

Pulpatooner said...

Or, just honeymoon at the comics convention! C'mon, it'd make a great story to tell the grandkids!