Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Go Go-Go!

Happy Birthday, April!

This image was drawn as a birthday gift at the behest of boyfriend extraordinaire, The Chris Haley. Check out her other birthday present, and share your birthday wishes.

And then? Shake your mutant booty!


april said...

i don't know if words can express how elated i was over this :)
i think i used "giddy" at one point.

thanks, joel. i don't think it could be any more awesome.

also, something that i just remembered, edie has a boob-window! why didn't this occur to me during all the fuss over power-girl? and how come it's never bothered me? weird...

Pulpatooner said...

Two reasons: 1) Edie is a pop star in a book that is about fame and media images, so it fits the character that she'd use sex appeal to her advantage; and 2) she doesn't have a pair of giant bazoombas trying to squeeze their way out that window.

And I'm really glad you like the drawing. It was fun to do, especially knowing that it was going to a good home.

chrishaley said...

I'm having that put on my business cards.

april said...

it's very true. though putting that on a business card might lend people to believe you're something other than MY boyfriend extraordinaire.

joel, you make good points on the boob window. it had already occurred to me that size was probably a big factor (no pun intended) as to why it didn't bother me, but i'd forgotten about the whole pop-star thing.

this is making want to work on some x-force redesigns!

f is for Fer; he failed to floss said...

Milligan's and Allred's X-FORCE was a treat. How in the world did Marvel agree to publish it? Mr Sensitive and U-Go Girl were awesome, no question -- heck, every character in the book was pretty damn cool.

I especially enjoyed Gin Genie, because let's face it, plumbing the depths of David Bowie lyrics and then tweaking them would give you the ass-kickingest superheroes ever.

Arguably, Bowie himself was a superhero there for a while. I'd read that comic book, too.