Monday, April 23, 2007

Skin and Bonez Triumphant!

Once again, Hackenslash found itself so evenly matched against an opponent that, well... all I can say is: LIVE BY THE COIN, DIE BY THE COIN!

The God of Scissors is dead, long live the Flaming Granny! Long may she and her radioactive consort reign!

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Eisner Ho!

Avast, ye scallywags! Yer favorite peg-legged stick-figure sea-farer is back, and he's set his sights on the Eisners! Will the San Diego Convention Center ever be the same?

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Keep on fightin'!

It's Day Three of the five-day East Conference Championship. Two brutal days yet to go! It's a marathon of mayhem! It's the long-haul 'til two fall! It's a full work-week of the destruction we'll wreak! It's... uhm... you know... a long time for four people to beat on each other.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Go Go-Go!

Happy Birthday, April!

This image was drawn as a birthday gift at the behest of boyfriend extraordinaire, The Chris Haley. Check out her other birthday present, and share your birthday wishes.

And then? Shake your mutant booty!

Monday, April 16, 2007

And The Ker-rowd Goes Whi-yuld!

Whatta world! Whatta world! Hackenslash has been declared the winner of Round Three! After a long, tense bout with 160-some votes tallied, it all came down to a coin toss. And, dang, if we didn't beat that coin's ass!

Thanks to everyone for their support. The Die-ities were an incredible team, backed by two incredible talents, and it was an honor to step into the Thunderdome with them.

This puts us in line for the F.A.C.A. East Conference Championship. Our opponents:
Aw, Man! I mean, I'm delighted that Skin and Bonez has survived another round, but, yeesh, can the God Of Scissors take the heartbreak of once again fighting a friend?

Also, heartiest of congratulations to Team De-Nile for their continued survival. What is their secret?

Friday, April 13, 2007

Doodle Fury!

Bring the Whirlwind, Tree-Man!

Dang, this round will not let up. Hackenslash and the Die-ities have been within two votes of each other for over one hundred votes! I'm not sure I can take much more of this! Big thanks for the support everyone has shown our little pair of violent maniacs. Remember, the longer we keep them in the ring, the longer we keep them off the streets.

I kinda need Chris and Shane's permission for this, but, considering it's really intended for them, I though "Aw, what's a little copyright law between friends?" What am I talking about? Why, the Fist-a-Cuffs Round Two Commemorative Mug, of course!

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Round Three... But At What Cost?!

Hackenslash, tooth-skin barely intact, has moved on to the third round of F.A.C.A. We salute our fallen comrades, the brave and honorable Team Awesome-As-Hell. They shall not be forgotten.

But the time for mourning is past. The time for action is now! Behold the terrifying countenances of our new opponents: The Die-ities!
The good money has been on The Die-ities as tournament champs since round one. But it looks like we may just barely have a chance, if we can mobilize our base.

So, let me put my dignity to one side, folded neatly and with a rock on top of it so it won't blow away, and beg you to vote Hackenslash in Round Three! If every single person who visited this blog each day voted, we'd be in good shape. Show your love! Get a blogger account, if necessary!

I've been trying to think of something I could offer as an incentive. Like, say, I'd shave my head if Hackenslash won the tournament. But that's kind of self-serving, 'cuz I need a haircut pretty badly right now, anyway. Or I'd legally change my name to "Buster FamBam" for a year. But a judge just put the ki-bosh on the sports fan who just tried to fulfill a similar promise. Feel free to suggest other dumb-ass things I could do to bring in the dare-votes.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

I OM what I OM

Dashing Dean Trippe recently sent me a couple Photoshop filters that streamline the computerized coloring process quite nicely. I took 'em on a shakedown cruise with Bodhisattva Popeye, here. Fun stuff. This image took a fraction of the usual time to color. But I'm not 100% happy with my color scheme—maybe I need all that anxious grunt work in order to get my color ideas up to snuff.

Monday, April 09, 2007

Doodle Fight, Dos!

I'm pleased to say that every one of the teams I felt I had a personal stake in has moved on to round two. This includes Team De-Nile, who were up against the powerhouse pairing of the Bah-Team. Considering the Bah-Team included the present holder of the coveted F.A.C.A. belt, this is quite an accomplishment. Dastardly Derrick and Cantankerous Cody should feel mighty proud. Marauding Maris scored a victory over a team that included gigatalented Pixar pal Scott Morse in a contest that tallied up more votes than any other match.

And Team Awesome-As-Hell moves forward to... well...
Dr. McCoy can only watch, brows knit with deep concern.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Lil' Snippy says:

Scanner is still kaput, but I brushed off my copy of Illustrator last night, and created Lil' Snippy, pointy putto to the God of Scissors.

With over sixty votes in over at the F.A.C.A., the race continues to be neck and neck. So, please, do your duty as digital citizens, and Vote!

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Okay, This Time, For Real

The battle is joined!

Hop on over, and vote for your favorites. Some teams of personal note: Skin and Bonez, featuring friend-of-the-blog, Marauding Maris Wicks; Team Awesome-As-Hell, featuring former teammates Cruel Chris Haley and Shattering Shane McDermott; and Team De-Nile, featuring present students Dastardly Derrick Dent and Cantankerous Cody Barnhill.

Other news: not so many blog posts lately, eh? My scanner and computer are having some sort of a tiff, and I just can't get them to talk to each other. I've got a call in to Dr. Phil's toaster, who is apparently great with these sorts of appliance-related disputes. Also, there's a new update over on the Rooftop, in which I use the words "ridiculous cleavage hole." So, you know, good times are to be had.