Thursday, March 22, 2007

Gunther Girlhead

Spring is in full bloom down here in Memphis, and Gunther is enjoying it as much as anybody. Who's going to stop him?

Hey, blog traffic has been through the roof for the past few days, thanks to a Boing Boing post on the Supergirl meme. So, if'n you're new to these parts, Welcome! Please take a moment to browse our many non-Supergirl images, as well.


Anonymous said...

oh. wow.


Pulpatooner said...

Thanks, Dean!

april said...

this is awesome. so is that red tornado...she looks TOUGH, man. what's the story behind "gunther girlhead?"

oddly enough, my favorite part is the daffodil. what can i say...i like flowers :)

Stephanie Han Windham said...

This is such a great picture--hilarious! Hey, btw, did you receive Nick & Sarah announcement about their baby? Wow, our little Nick is all grown up now! *sniff*

maris wicks said...

I am loving the gunther. In my family, 'gunther' is code-word for being grumpy (inspired by an aunt who could not pronounce the word correctly as a child). I, too, am curious about the origins of this gunther character.
Plus, I kind of want to make a "God of Rocks" and a "God of Paper" so the God of Scissors can have some company (just in case he gets lonely).

Pulpatooner said...

Thanks everybody!


Yeah, I kinda liked this drawing. Then I put the flower in Gunther's hand. And it felt right.


I know! A little red-faced baby for Nick and Sarah! Do you think Marshall is going to start dropping hits about how it's time for the rest of us to give SVA more grandkids?


Excellent code word! I can't go into Gunther's origins right now, except to say that it's tied into the swirls of secrecy that also surround the God of Scissors. Speaking of which, I drew a papery pal for G o' S today, but my scanner is having a tiff with my computer right now, so I wasn't able to scan it in. So it's up to you to step up and give Snippybritches some company!

paulhd said...

Didn't find you through Supergirl, but I feel guilty for lurking for ages without commenting, and I love Gunther.

Pulpatooner said...


Thanks! While there's no need for lurk-guilt, it is certainly a pleasure to welcome you to the Roll of Commentors! You should be getting your official lapel pin in a few days.

chrishaley said...

If I can paraphrase a great man, I'm feeling a great deal of pity for a number of fools.

Pulpatooner said...

Ah, the wisdom of the great ones is a pleasure to behold.