Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Doodle Fight!

At last! His terrible purpose is revealed!

Savage Sam Hiti has a new blog called Fist-a-cuffs, in which folks pit drawings against each other in single combat. The only rule: two drawings enter, one drawing leaves. Today, a tag team round begins, and each team needs to be drawn by two different cartoonists. I've joined up with Dangerous Dean Trippe, who created Tree-Man (Dean says he has powers like Aquaman, only with trees). Together, The God of Scissors and Tree-Man are HACKENSLASH! So, please, click on over to the Arena, and post a vote for these two gore-gloried gladiators. After all, they fight for your amusement.

The part about the only rule being "two drawings enter...?" Well, actually there are a few more rules, not all of which are written down. For instance, only after I finished Gunther Girlhead and the as-yet-not-quite-named origami warrior and hit up two friends to draw tag-teammates for them was I informed that there could only be one submission per artist. So, I'll save them for future battles. And my abandoned commrades have formed a team together: Chris Haley's ghastly Garrison Ghostsinger and Shane McDermott's terrifying Trampoline Man are TEAM AWESOME-AS-HELL!

And now... TO BATTLE!

erm... Ah, actually, not quite yet. It appears that Sam has pushed the beginning of the new round to April 1st.


chrishaley said...

Thanks for the plug.
Team Oh, Geez! have got other things to do besides fight other doodles.. there's mischief out there waiting to be made.
Thanks for throwing Shane and I together as the new Team A.A.H. goes together like peanut butter and pine cones!

Pulpatooner said...

There's your T-shirt design: on the front is a simple drawing of a pine cone, a plus-sign, a peanut butter jar, and an equals sign. And on the back are giant flaming letters reading "AWESOME AS HELL!"

Unfortunately, the giant flaming letters will make it next to impossible to print, store, or wear said T-shirt.

chrishaley said...

That made me laugh a little too loudly. Come on, man, I'm at work. Don't get me in trouble.

Pulpatooner said...

NWS, buddy, NWS.