Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Doodle Fight!

At last! His terrible purpose is revealed!

Savage Sam Hiti has a new blog called Fist-a-cuffs, in which folks pit drawings against each other in single combat. The only rule: two drawings enter, one drawing leaves. Today, a tag team round begins, and each team needs to be drawn by two different cartoonists. I've joined up with Dangerous Dean Trippe, who created Tree-Man (Dean says he has powers like Aquaman, only with trees). Together, The God of Scissors and Tree-Man are HACKENSLASH! So, please, click on over to the Arena, and post a vote for these two gore-gloried gladiators. After all, they fight for your amusement.

The part about the only rule being "two drawings enter...?" Well, actually there are a few more rules, not all of which are written down. For instance, only after I finished Gunther Girlhead and the as-yet-not-quite-named origami warrior and hit up two friends to draw tag-teammates for them was I informed that there could only be one submission per artist. So, I'll save them for future battles. And my abandoned commrades have formed a team together: Chris Haley's ghastly Garrison Ghostsinger and Shane McDermott's terrifying Trampoline Man are TEAM AWESOME-AS-HELL!

And now... TO BATTLE!

erm... Ah, actually, not quite yet. It appears that Sam has pushed the beginning of the new round to April 1st.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Origami Warrior

As promised: a papery pal for the God of Scissors. I'm not sure what to call this guy. "Little Jackie Paper Cut?" "Horrorgami?" "Fold'n Fight'r?"

I dunno. Any suggestions?

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Gunther Girlhead

Spring is in full bloom down here in Memphis, and Gunther is enjoying it as much as anybody. Who's going to stop him?

Hey, blog traffic has been through the roof for the past few days, thanks to a Boing Boing post on the Supergirl meme. So, if'n you're new to these parts, Welcome! Please take a moment to browse our many non-Supergirl images, as well.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Red Tornado

What can I say? I haven't gotten drawing superheroes out of my system quite yet. I'm hard at work on a real project with emotions and plot and character development and all that stuff, but, on my breaks, my inner ten-year-old demands his due.

This is Ma Hunkel, The Red Tornado. Originally a WWII-era humor feature, this version is suppossed to be more Rosie the Riveter than Katzenjammer Kids. Her superpower is that she will beat your ass with a giant wrench.

This drawing makes use of some techniques I picked up talking with two-tone cartoonist extraordinaire, Michael Cho, who has recently joined us over on the buddy blogs list. Do yourself a favor, and check out his lovely art.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

The God of Scissors

Sometimes--not often, but once in a while--I look at something I drew and I kinda fall in love. This is one of those times.

This is a drawing with a purpose, but that purpose cannot yet be revealed. Patience, my children, patience.

And hey! My Supergirl showed up over at The Beat! This is especially nice for me, as The Beat is one of the few comicsy/Internetty things I pay regular attention to. Hiya, Heidi!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Defending the Skort

Project: Rooftop and Girlwonder have teamed up to review some of the redesigns to come out of the ongoing Supergirl meme. It's a roundtable-style discussion, and, as the week progresses, you may notice a certain Simon/Paula vibe develop between Vito Delsante and myself. I can only imagine that I'm Paula.

Monday, March 12, 2007



At last! Evidence of the Mysterious Mister Slinger's masked mentor, that brilliant and bombastic brutalizer of bad guys, Boomarangarella! In order to placate my itching curiosity about his missing comrade-in-projectiles, MMS sent me this "tactical file." Tantalizing, no? But it offers as many questions as it does answers: Who is this Throwing-Stick Athena? What is the TIGER FORCE(tm)? Do malfeasants really wear horizontal stripes?

Saturday, March 10, 2007


Continuing our exclusive coverage of the Mysterious Mister Slinger: I have gained access to a catalogue of Mr. Slinger's specialized ammo. Obviously, this is not an exhaustive list—we wouldn't want the malfeasants out there being able to counter all of Mr. Slinger's tricks.

Slinger Arsenal
Sourshot: releases an acrid cloud that causes paralyzing levels of pucker.
Shockshot: involves absolutely no patent infringement on TazerBallz®.
Slickshot: produces a biodegradable oil slick (cold-expeller pressed).
Stormshot: becomes a small nimbo-cumulus cloud, with rain and up to 4 lighting bolts.
Spyshot: contains full spectrum observations package.
Sonicshot: causes disorientation and incapacitation through ultrasonic waves (7 Hz).
Stickshot: transforms into a bundle of sticks, appropriate for use as melee weapons (combat mode) or kindling (survival mode).
Stapleshot: good for pinning malfeasants to walls and leaving them for the police.
Suckshot: creates a powerful vacuum, drawing everything in the vicinity towards it.
Snowshot: Caution: Extreme Cold. Do not lick.
Stingshot: full of nettles.
Spaceshot: capable of attaining a velocity of 11.2 km/s.
Stompshot: becomes a giant foot.
Spoilshot: the exact opposite of refrigeration.
Sureshot: homing shot.
Songshot: based on tried and true psychops techniques. Mp3 compatible. Comes with the complete Randy Newman oeuvre.
Sewshot: stitches malfeasants’ clothes together.
Snapshot: documents crime scene, flickr compatible.
Stringshot: lots and lots of silly-sting.
Sackshot: deploys giant sack for gathering up malfeasants.
Stakeshot: in case of vampires.
Sootheshot: emits calming tones, lavender scent.
Stinkshot: worse than you can possibly imagine. Tomato juice will not help.
Stagshot: grows antlers, charges malfeasants.
Stubshot: targets malfeasants’ toes.
Snobshot: erodes confidence with condescending remarks about your alma mater.
Swingshot: makes suggestive comments about malfeasants’ significant others.
Spinshot: causes extreme vertigo.
Sparshot: deploys comically large boxing gloves.
Sweatshot: slippery. Hard to grapple.
Swipeshot: makes off with malfeasants’ wallets.
Sugarshot: disrupts insulin levels.
Shineshot: produces blinding flash of light.
Sneakshot: really quiet.
Shipshot: inflates into USCG-approved sea craft.
Snipshot: deploys scissors (for cutting).
Slapshot: less risqué version of the now discontinued Spankshot.
Spellshot: interferes with the use of magic.
Steinshot: delivers a refreshing dose of frothy German beer.
Sawshot: goes through wood. Eventually.

Friday, March 09, 2007


Memphis is a town in need of a superhero. We already have themed villains: a few years ago there was Bigfoot—a man with very large feet which he used to kick in people's back doors; more recently, there was The Piebald Man, who specialized in Japanese Maple-related crimes.

Okay, so maybe we don't need much of a superhero, but, you know, something would be nice.

And so, in this, our hour of moderate need, a shadowy figure has emerged, bringing rubber-band-twanged justice to this blighted little town: The Mysterious Mister Slinger!

I had an opportunity to sit down with Mister Slinger and draw this picture of him. He started out posing with his goggles down, of course, but it seems they fog over after about two minutes. This interferes with his "Slinger-Vision," and makes him fidgety and uncomfortable. I assured him that my rendering would be cartoony enough that no one would recognize him from his eyes, in any case.

I didn't learn much about his origins or motives, except that he is not a solo act. He's the sidekick ("protégé," he insisted) of Boomarangarella, Thrower of Things Curved. But she's been out of town on a some sort of epic cross-over thing for the past year. He mentioned something about "punching a sentient galaxy," and seemed kind of miffed that he hadn't made the team.

But then, who would save our beloved Japanese Elms from the Piebald Man?

More to come.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Big in Memphis

The March issue of Memphis Magazine has a two-page article about me and my inky endeavours. It's a nice little piece, and I don't think I sound like a total idiot in it, which is always a risk with phone interviews. I've often promised myself to instate an "email only" interview rule. I like being able to consider my thoughts in an email, and make sure I'm accurately representing myself. With an article based on a phone interview, it's a wobblier proposition and I usually end up feeling like I'm reading someone else's words. Did I really say "revelatory?" Is that a word I use?

But then a reporter calls, and I get all flustered, and I agree to pretty much whatever they want.

Anyway, it's a nice article.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Blue Beetle

Here's a commissioned drawing of Ted Kord, the late Blue Beetle. He was a fun superhero; part of DC's now-extinct "Bwahaha" tradition, he made jokes and took himself lightly. I especially liked a recent portrayal of him as a middle-aged man with a possible heart condition who was still donning the tights more out of fellowship than any lingering passion for superheroics. So, of course, the present editorial policy over at DC had to spend 80 pages denigrating him before shooting him through the face.

Well, such is the way of funny-books. He'll be back, if he isn't already.

My take on the character is more of an Eggplant-and-Slate Beetle, skyboarding on a miniature version of his personal transport, "The Bug."

Thursday, March 01, 2007


You know, I like being an adult. While childhood consisted of alternating states of boredom and anxiety, adulthood's been a blast. You get to eat the food you like, read the books you like, and go to bed when you want to. And then there's being able to drive, and drink, and have sex (not neccessarily in that order, but usually so). Sure, there are adult responsibilities, but they're not so bad. I mean, my job is fun, and I only have to pay bills once a month.

The one thing I can't seem to get a handle on is housecleaning. Pretty much the only time the place gets as clean and neat as I'd like it be all the time is about three hours before a dinner party. Because, you know, I wouldn't want my friends to see what a slob I actually am. Their homes always look so nice and neat when I'm visiting.

But, are they doing the same whirlwind of cleaning right before I drop by?