Thursday, February 15, 2007

Painting Procedural pt. 7

Okay, So, now that Valentie's Day and Supergirl have reminded me that I have a blog, I suppose I should continue with the young lady we left in the woods.

So, I'm still popping out highlights from the watercolor layer--namely, her hair, skin, blouse, and left shoe. The blue cast to this image has more to do with my inept color calibration than the paintingitself. The next image is more representative.

Filled in her red thought-bubble. This was my plan from the start, but it has proved controversial. Most people who have seen this painting have asked when I was going to add the words. I intended for the color alone to show our protagonist's state of mind (that is to say, pretty dang pissed about something).

The addition of the strong red made many of the other colors in the painting look washed out, so I've darkened the weeds in the forground considerably, and have begun to increase the contrast in the trees.

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