Thursday, February 22, 2007

Harvey Nominations

Are you by any stretch of the imagination a comics/cartooning professional? Then may I gently draw your attention to the fact that the 2007 Harvey Award ballots have been posted? And that a certain minimally drawn sailor is available for consideration?

No need? You're on top of it already? Thanks, you're the best.


maris wicks said...

Heya Joel,
Thanks for the kind words (and for sharing your blog; me likes!). I don't plan on stopping anytime soon. I heart drawing. So much. And I'm soon learning that there's little else to do in the middle of the woods. I tried to fgure out how the Harveys work; anyone can nominate anyone? I think I should read teh stuff on their site it again, but if so, I will be putting you down on that ballot. Boo-yeah, says the excited ghost.

Pulpatooner said...

Howdy, Maris!

I hope everyone follows the link over to Maris' blog, Her work is wonderful, as all proud owners of AdHouse's Project: Romantic already know.

Speaking of Project: Romantic, that'd make a great Harvey nom for best anthology, wouldn't it?

As far as the Harvey's go, anyone who can claim with a straight face that they are an honest-to-gosh comics creator can nominate (and vote for!) anything that fits the various award categories. I think the form has a little section where you are asked to list your bona fides.