Thursday, January 11, 2007

Shut Up and Shimmy!

Dance, ye scurvy rat! Dance!

Enjoy this little web novelty quickly, before it gets really, really old. Fun Digital Toys by Masayuki Kido, found via Drawn! the Blog.


Anonymous said...

Something cute for you:

f is for Fer; he failed to floss said...

Joel, I followed the link. There's someone that looks exactly like Iron Hide Tom shaking his moneymaker to weirdly mellow techno music -- and he's surrounded by other IHT raving right along with him!

Did you know about this...?

If so, when is Iron Hide Tom going to be on lunch boxes or Slurpee cups?

Pulpatooner said...


Yeah, that Jen Wang strip is several different shades of wonderful, isn't it? I've thought of this strip every time I've flown since first seeing it. I have her bookmarked for future reference when I'm wearing my editor hat.


Masayuki Kido's little online toy lets you draw a character and map out it's joints, and then sets it to music. I made Tom in about two minutes this morning. I then spent about half an hour trying to get the video to run on the blog. Tom kept showing up sans noggin.

As far as lunch boxes go, I have to admit, IHT has been tattooed onto enough people's skin that I can't help but wonder if there might not be a market for non-permanent ways to wear his image. Whaddya think, my beeswaxy audience? Would you buy IHT merch? No? What if it were awesome?

Anonymous said...

I'd plunk down a chunk o' change for an IHT beer cozy. And Onion Jack mud flaps. Wouldn't the Tercel look fiiinnee in a pair of those!

Unknown said...

HOLY CRAP! that is mighty nice. I say any chance I can get to poke and pull at someone's eyes I take it (even if it be some digital representation of a hoodlum)... and: WAH-LAH! stress is gone. :D

VERY cool site. I will check out the dance thing next...

Pulpatooner said...


Mudflaps! Brilliant! How did CafeExpress miss out on that?


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