Sunday, December 31, 2006

Painting Procedural pt. 4

Okay, so back to the painting. I'm continuing to lay in the local color in transparent watercolor washes. Local color is the color that we think things are (the trees are brown, the grass is green, et cetera), without the impositions of, say, the color of the light sources and shadows, and reflected light bouncing around between surfaces.

The previous three posts showed work done during classes while the students were busy doing whatever it is students do. But then the weekend came, and so I'm in the home studio for these shots. I wait for each wash to dry before laying down a new one to prevent them from bleeding into each other or washing each other away (heavier pigments will push lighter ones out of their way). This means there's a lot of down-time, which makes it the perfect activity to intersperse through a day of house cleaning.

The local colors are now pretty much established. But, obviously, there's still an awful lot of painting to do.

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