Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Painting Procedural pt. 3

Having established a basic value scheme, I start to add color. First, I lay down a wash of yellow with a mop brush. Yellow is a near-compliment of blue, so it kind of tones down and grays out the blue. Orange is the actual compliment of blue, but full compliments are often too harsh and "vibratey."

And then I start dropping in the local color. I'm not mixing the paints so much as laying down transparent washes of straight paint over one another. The base of yellow and blue will make all of the colors relate to one another

There will be more images of this once I find the cable for my digital camera.

Also, if'n yer innerested: apparently MySpace and LiveJournal just aren't geeky enough. There is now ComicSpace. I just signed up with it, because I thought Dean Trippe would make fun of me if I didn't. I'm not sure I really get the whole social networking thing, though. As near as I can tell, it's like Pokemon, only instead of collecting images of fantastic creatures, you collect images of people who draw fantastic creatures.

I just can't figure out how you win.


Dean Trippe said...

hooray for peer pressure! :P

Pulpatooner said...

Does this cigarette make me look real grown up? Huh, Dean? Does it?

Chris Pitzer said...

Y'all so newschool... it hurts.