Friday, November 24, 2006


Despite my idle comments on Wednesday, I've actually been trying out the ol' feverish pace this week, putting in 10 to 14 hour days working on a new project. It's an adaptation of a play, and I've been vigorously reworking the script - comparing a couple different translations of the source material, breaking up the narrative flow to take advantage of the comics page instead of the stage, trying to keep the female protagonist from being quite such a sop, etc. And then, one third of the way through page 84, a page away from the end of Act Three, maybe twenty pages away from the end of the whole thing... My laptop goes ker-splortch.

Less than a year after replacing the logic board (but after the expiration of its warranty), my computer is $1200 this side of being a paperweight.

And now I'm stuck wandering the mean streets of Toronto with pencil and paper, making a physical record of my thoughts, like a caveman. Even worse, I'm posting this entry from the lovely wife's Windows machine. I can feel the Bill Gates cooties crawling up my typing fingers! Circle circle, cloverleaf-dot! Now I've got my Apple shot!

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The Ichthyophile said...

silly apples!