Tuesday, November 14, 2006

The Gentlemen of Jamestown pt. 5

It's funny to think that, as far as these sailors knew, the passage to India could be right on the other side of that waterfall. Or, they could be barely 50 miles inland of a continent over 2000 miles wide. It's what outgoing Pentagon Poet Laurate Donald Rumsfeld would have referred to as a "known unkown."

Happy Birthday to my Grampa, Carl. On the off chance there's an afterlife, here's hoping you're playing bridge with Abraham Lincoln, or drinking scotch with Jesus. And that you have have internet access.


Anonymous said...

Certainly, if there's a Red Lobster in the hypothetical afterlife, GP has found it. And he'd make both Abe and Jesus frequent it with him at least once a week (when they weren't at the hypothetical Dragon Lady).

Pulpatooner said...

Jesus to Red Lobster Waitress: I'll have two fish, and the breadsticks.

Red Lobster Waitress to Jesus: No sharing entrees, now.

Anonymous said...

Now the true nature of our domestic discourse is revealed to the world: verbal slapstick involving the dearly departed and the divine. Really not so highfalutin after all (more like rootin'-tootin'). Mightily, I resist the urge to take the joke one calamitous step further.

Anonymous said...

P.S. I really miss the ole GP. Know you do, too.

knock on wood said...

wow Joel

I was reading about your grandfather and he sounds like a real character who valued life's beautiful moments and family. He sounds like he would have been great to talk to while growing up and had so much to offer you. I'm so sorry for your loss.

I miss my grandfather Bill too, he was my hero. He always had things in perspective and always worked hard and smiled...He started out from scratch from a farm family and worked his way to success in Chicago. He loved helping children through museum education and the art community by promoting new Native American artist's work at the Heard museum in Phoenix. He loved art and this world, but above all he loved his family. At the end he said "life is great, good, wunderbar!" and it is!

Pulpatooner said...

Thanks, Paige. Bill sounds like a heck of a guy. Wunderbar, indeed!