Tuesday, November 07, 2006

The Gentlemen of Jamestown pt. 3

Let me attempt to use Jamestown's theme of poor leadership to segue into special Novemeber 7th plea: If you are in the United States, PLEASE, PLEASE GET OUT AND VOTE! And if you are in Tennessee, EXTRA-SPECIAL SUGAR-ON-TOP QUADRUPAL-PLUS PLEASE GET OUT AND VOTE! We just might actually have a shot acheiving the closest thing we have to a defense against the Bush Administration: bicameral gridlock.

Oh, and alsowise: Tennessee and several other states have these cute little amendments allowing the public to vote discrimination into the state constitution. Could we, as a country, stop acting like complete jackasses? Just for, like, a day?


the lovely wife said...

Go Sweetie! Tell it like it is! I'm watching the vote closely from up here in Canada, where this morning CBC Radio treated us to an expose on voter fraud in the U.S. via faulty voting technology, and provided insight into just how easy it is to mess with memory cards.

Gus and Fer said...

Democracy Now! had a similar story yesterday, though they kind of buried the memory card situation here in Memphis.

Gus and I voted this morning, and if I had not already "thrown my vote away" by choosing candidates without D or R next to their name, I would feel a little uncertain about the whole Diebold endeavor. It was like video poker, and not in the good way.

Joel Priddy said...

I felt pretty dirty voting for a sleestack-in-a-tie whose campaign theme has been "I'm the Republican for non-Republicans!" but I just couldn't resist the siren song of a Democratic Congress. Not that I have much faith in the Dems to do good, but perhaps they can put the brakes on evil.

Diebold permitting, of course.