Thursday, November 02, 2006

The Gentlemen of Jamestown pt. 2

For most of the McGraw Hill stories I was left to my own devices when it came to research. The editorial team in charge of this story sent a Fed-Ex packet busting at the seams with over sixty pages of densely packed historical text on Jamestown. This was pretty overwhelming, and my first attempt at a story breakdown was just a mish-mash of too much information. So my mission here was to whittle away as much as I could, trying to find something that would work as a succinct story arc, and hopefully leaving enough room for moments of actual narrative interest amidst all the fact-slinging. Unfortunately, the editorial team really seemed to want all 60 pages of information explicitly stated in the six pages of comics I had to work with. Additionally, they were very suspicious of any information included in the story that wasn't from those sixty pages. Like, say, that Captain Newport only had one arm.

The result was a lot of compromise that left neither cartoonist nor editors happy. What the kids think of it, I have no idea.


Gus and Fer said...

Captain Newport -- that's the guy they named the cigarettes after, yes?

Kids, smoking doesn't just make you cool, curb your appetite, and stunt your growth. It will cost you body parts.

* This message brought to you by the Beef Council of America, who discourage you from knowing when to say when.

Chris Pitzer said...
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