Thursday, October 19, 2006

Project: Romantic

Well, I don't know about you folks, but I had a great SPX. Saw a lot of swell folks, and picked up a lot of swell funny books. It seems I've now been on the scene long enough that people will give me free stuff at shows, which is good, and just, and appropriate. The only thing I've had a chance to read, however, has been AdHouse's much anticipated Project: Romantic.

This book is just chock-full of beautiful drawings and great stories. There are a few stories I could have passed on, but such is the fate of all anthologies, I suppose. And for every "Fart of Love," there are four or five stories I really enjoyed, like JW Cotter's Kingdom Animalia Illustrated, or Doug Frazier's Romance.

I'm very pleased with the way the color my stories printed. And the "to evil" panel was printed on the cover of the Washington Post's Weekend section!


Dean Trippe said...

that looks incredible, dude. can't wait to get a copy. :)

Joel Priddy said...

Dean! You were much missed at SPX. For some reason, everyone seemed to think that we flew up together, and that I was selfishly hiding you in my hotel room.

Which, you know, I wasn't.

Chris Pitzer said...

To evil...

And free breakfast!

Gus and Fer said...

Washington Post weekend section? Stud.

I have seen Project: Romantic and even held the book in my hands. To paraphrase Madame Teri Hatcher, it's real and it's spectacular.

The Ichthyophile said...

Here's to Joel!
Here's to Evil!

Here's to avocados and information theory!

Evan said...

Joel, you're great!

Joel Priddy said...


Thanks! "...To Advocados and Information Theory" has got to be the title of something. Maybe my new album of wistfully modern guitar ballads. It sure beats the album's working title, "Habeus Porpoise."


Thanks, you lil' ol' California Dreamer, you. That's all I wanted to hear.

Best of luck to you and Rie on your journey leftwards. Keep in touch, now.