Wednesday, October 04, 2006

The! Best! of! AMERICA! Yee-Haw!

I should have mentioned this earlier, but it's been hectic lately. Houghton-Mifflin's The Best American Comics 2006 is out in stores, and I'm pleased to be included. Houghton-Mifflin seems to be giving this book the full promotional push, so it should be pretty easy to find. I went to a Barnes & Noble, and they had it sprinkled all over the place, including the coveted end-of-aisle spots. Nice!

I've only had a chance to read about a quarter of the book so far, but I've liked what I've seen. I'm not sure that the word "Best" is precisely accurate, but Some Danged Good American Comics probably wouldn't sell as well. By the way, the "America" in the title refers to North America, which, for their purposes, includes Greenland. Maybe this is just a gap in my backwoods-hillbilly education, but I had no idea that Greenland was part of North America. Not that it matters. There are no Greenlander comics in this collection.


Jim Duong said...

In the bookselling business, we call those endcaps. And you're welcome.

Joel Priddy said...

Thank you, you fine, upstanding bookseller, you.

Gus and Fer said...

Folks, he's too modest to mention it, but Mr Priddy isn't just in Best American Comics 2006 - his is the lead-off feature!

We will have this book in our library. I'll buy it myself if I have to, but it will be in there. In the meantime, don't be bashful about plunking down the coin to buy a copy for yourself. Joel's stuff is one of many terrific reads in this year's volume.

Joel Priddy said...

Modesty, nuthin'. I'm just afraid that people will conclude that the book is arranged countdown style, from worst to best. Considering Jaime Hernadez, R. Crumb, and Lynda Berry are all crowded towards the end of the book, there might something to this theory.