Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Dirk Daring's Death-Defying Desert Deeds, pt. 3

Can you see where this is going? The pay-off may be more or less obvious depending on how thick of an Aussie accent you're reading Philbert's lines in.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Dirk Daring's Death-Defying Desert Deeds, pt. 2

All local lads like liberally loading ink-lined literature with alliteration. This simple strategem substitutes solving serious stumpers such as snappy, snazzy, and snoozeless storytelling. Politeness predicates paying attention to the plight of your periodical's patrons, however, who may plead that a piled-upon plentitude of poetic permutations outpaces patience, pleasing none.

Like so.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Dirk Daring's Death-Defying Desert Deeds, pt. 1

I'm a little late to claim the posting of this McGraw-Hill story as a tribute to everybody's favorite khaki-shorts-clad wildlife-pesterer, but hey, you can't put grief on a timetable.

Here's to you, Steve. I hope you're stalking the Heavenly Choir as we speak: "Crickey, look at this Seraphim heah. What a beaut! She's trying to smite me with her flaming sword, which is her defense mechanism. Fiesty little nipper. And check out this gorgeous plummage..."

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Whose Side Are You On?

Hopefully everyone seeing this is a productive member of society, and, therefore, doesn't get the reference. But being the subject of this sort of convoluted in-joke mash-up is the geek version of Immortality. So, I'm delighted.


And for those who aren't familiar with Onion Jack and Doc Bot, a reprint of their adventures will be available soon from one of those little fly-by-night boutique publishers.

Apologies for the radio silence. But, frankly, it's been all I can do to put on pants, these days.