Thursday, August 24, 2006

William Blake

This is a page from a job I just finished. The whole story will be appearing online as part of an academic journal on the Grand Old Man of words and pictures, William Blake. It's a pretty short story, but it took me forever to do, because I was so intimidated by the idea of doing justice to the Master. I kept second, third and fourth guessing myself. There is one page that I redrew and reinked in its entirety four times.

One of the projects I hope to get to one of these years is a longer biography comic of William Blake and his wife, Catherine. They had an unusual life together. William Blake educated his wife, teaching her reading and printmaking. Both of these were unusual skills for a woman of Catherine's class. But he also taught her to see visions as he did. Who knew that was a teachable skill?


Chris Pitzer said...

Ah.. a nice bookend to the YOUNG WILLIAM BLAKE from back in 2002.

Pulpatooner said...

Exactly so.