Thursday, August 17, 2006

Shelter pt. 8: Deleted Scenes

Page one of the axed version of the story. Compare and Contrast. Instead of showing up early for an appointement, our slightly more predatory salesman is now going door-to-door.


Anonymous said...

Looks fantastic!
I am in the process of moving up to NYC and i wanted to get intouch with you. Knowing the challenge of coresponding with you, i might have to bug you a bit- so please don't take offense. I'm currently preparing for an exhibition in Philadelphia... and of course i continue to draw daily.
Best Regards,
Matthew Moss
I'll include a link for my Email
See I'm trying to make this easy.

Pulpatooner said...

Hey, Matt!

Yeah, I'm pretty sucky at keeping up at correspondence. Your efforts are appreciated.

The website looks great. I'm particularily impressed that you would attempt live model drawing in a vector-based program! And get good results in twenty minutes! Wowsers.

Good luck with the move to NYC! Think of me next time you eat a whitefish bagel. Aw, geesh, how I miss some nice whitefish on a decent bagel.